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Strategically build the culture you want.

Create a culture that inspires.

Do you think of your company’s culture as a competitive advantage? Contrary to your organization’s vision, mission statement, and core values, your organization’s culture encompasses all of your employees’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It has the power to make or break any new product launch, organizational development initiative, change management process, recruiting strategy, or other major business goal you have planned.

What does the data tell us?

We increase your employees’ engagement by harnessing the power of corporate culture. First, we examine your culture against our eight proven culture elements below. After that, we partner with you to develop it—on purpose.

Heyday’s Elements of Culture

01. Meaning

Help employees find meaning in their work.

02. Trust & Accountability

Create an environment where employees are given opportunities to lead themselves and rise to the level of trust you’ve extended to them.

03. Fairness

Be honest and just, weeding out any destructive bias from your organization.

04. Value

Truly value the strengths that each employee brings to the organization.

05. Growth & Agility

Provide opportunities to stretch or challenge your employees to progress.

06. Teamwork

Build an environment where your employees feel like they’re part of a team, like they belong to the group.

07. Leadership

Create a culture where your leaders are mentors and coaches.

 08. Well-being

Offer ways for your employees to have a healthy integration of their work and their personal lives.